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Professional IQ College launched on TeamsPlus

By Tim Larkin
Published in News
September 15, 2022
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Professional IQ College launched on TeamsPlus

Dacreed purchases Professional IQ College

In June 2022 Dacreed purchased Professional IAQ College (PIQ). PIQ’s pedigree in the market is a great asset to the Dacreed group and we have transitioned all PIQ content into the TeamsPlus environment to improve the user experience and provide a single ecosystem so that clients can interact with training providers and internal requirements through the same log in.

Access training and manage compliance all on one platform

PIQ’s new partnership with TeamsPlus means that advisers and FAPs can now have a single platform that allows them to access all the training that they need and manage their compliance. This unified approach on a single platform means that you can access: All PIQs NZQA qualifications for all areas of financial services Ongoing training for professional development Record and manage CPD from any provider Create, log and maintain a wide range of registers from complaints to H&S *Manage all your policies and procedures.

A new platform means better access to courses

We know how busy you are. Time is one of the most valuable commodities you have and we are determined that you can make the most of it. With the new platform, we will be reformatting and updating our material over the coming months. This means: Access to PIQ’s technical training courses in smaller bite sized modules so you can work at your own pace Intensive Level 5 qualifications courses for existing advisers who already have a good knowledge of the industry An online only bridging course for those who have already earlier qualifications Professional Development for General Insurers Compliance Officer training Access to all the normal courses and products we have always offered …All on a mobile friendly format so you can use any spare time to catch up on training or CPD.

There will be more to come as we improve the links between these entities but if you are an existing TeamsPlus member, you can contact us at enrolments@profssionaliq.co.nz to get access to the PIQ courses. If you are not a TeamsPlus member, you can find more information on the PIQ courses available on TeamsPlus and how this could benefit you and your organisation at www.professionaliq.co.nz If you would like to find out more about TeamsPlus and how it could benefit your organisation please visit www.teamsplus.co.nz or email Tim Larkin at tim.larkin@dacreed.com for a demonstration or further discussion.

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Tim Larkin

Tim Larkin


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Dacreed purchases Professional IQ College
Access training and manage compliance all on one platform
A new platform means better access to courses

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