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TeamsPlus Feature Release December 2021

By Rachel Holland-Bosch
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December 01, 2021
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TeamsPlus Feature Release December 2021

Feature Release

Changes to main navigation and other key areas makes workflow seamless on TeamsPlus.

NEW Main Navigation

Dedicated areas for accessing company and member information and managing key functions of TeamsPlus.

  • Dedicated area titled MY: everything that relates to members and the platform features that apply to them.


  • Profile: access member’s Profile, Documents, History, and CPD Reports
  • Company: a member can view the company’s Profile, People, and Documents
  • Dedicated area titled MANAGE: for administrators and other people managers to manage functions within the platform ie Courses, People, and CPD


NEW Member Profile area

Less clicks to access information about a member and their interactions with the platform.

  • Changes to the MY > Profile page allow a member to quickly navigate to any functions and features from their Profile without extra clicks
  • Change Password has now been moved to the bottom of the MY > Profile navigation. It is only visible by a logged-in current member (not administrators)
  • Appreciation & Feedback have now been moved to History where a member (or administrator) can search, view and filter


  • Employment area has been removed to be a function of MANAGE where managers and teams are allocated. A new modal is available for members to look up other people’s basic profile information including manager, teams and, in the future, a link to the organisation structure under MY > Company
  • If a member has CPD active they will also see and access their CPD report here
  • Offboarding has been moved to MANAGE > People and is only accessible by administrators


NEW Employment Types

Greater selection available for identifying members of different employment types.

The full list is now:

  1. Permanent (full or part-time)
  2. Fixed-term (full or part-time)
  3. Seasonal employee
  4. Casual employee
  5. Contractor
  6. Internship

MY Profile > Documents

Big improvements to the My > Documents area to allow:

  • Field order with Category
  • Date format improvements
  • Search improvements
  • Ability to change Category for member-uploaded documents



The ability to manage people and allocate their teams has been moved to the new Manage People area for administrators.


An administrator can:

  • Add new member
  • Search and Filter
  • View menu
  • View Profile
  • Assign to Teams
  • Offboard
  • Create a new Team via the TEAMS tab:
  • View and filter by status
  • Pending: administrator has created a member, but hasn’t sent out an invitation to an email yet (no user)
  • Invited: transition from Pending after an administrator has sent the invitation to an email (still no user)
  • Active: invitation has been accepted and member is linked to real user
  • Inactive: member has been offboarded. e.g. transitioned from Active


MANAGE > Courses view is now available in list-view

A large number of courses can now be viewed at a glance. The note view is still available at the click of a button, providing further description for each course.


Merge Our Company & Our People into MY > Company

To improve all Management of People and Teams, changes have been made to MANAGE > People and MY > Company.

MY > Company now has the following read-only areas where a member can find, filter, and view People, Teams, Documents and Company/Organisation information in one place.


  • Ability to change Category for company Documents (later features will allow administrators to label documents with ‘tags’ for further differentiation)

Multiple tests in a course

Course creators can now add multiple tests within a course providing greater opportunity for reflective learning throughout the course.

Tests are marked at the time of submission, and then a member continues through the various sections of each course.


Feel free to contact us if you would like a demonstration of TeamsPlus and a discussion on how the platform may provide business solutions for your organisation.

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