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Appreciation in the workplace: Why kudos matters

By Tim Larkin
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September 05, 2023
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Appreciation in the workplace: Why kudos matters

Success, big and small, happens every day. It doesn’t take much to say a simple well done but feeling appreciated can make a team member’s day. Employee recognition in the form of peer-to-peer kudos and feedback is essential for building a tight team that stays together.

Recognition is one of the most effective ways to create a healthy company culture and strong employee engagement. When employees are engaged, they want to work harder and smarter. Affirmations and feedback drive this by encouraging positive and productive behaviour. As highlighted by Said’s Business School, an appreciated and happy employee is 13 percent more productive. Establishing a culture that consistently values its team members notably increases staff retention, with fewer individuals seeking opportunities elsewhere.

The act of recognising and appreciating your employees doesn’t have to be formal. It can be organic and ongoing and can come in many forms, from a small gesture like letting someone know they did a great job, to giving a shout-out during a company-wide meeting.

Basic acts of employee appreciation, such as giving kudos or publicly celebrating achievements, can significantly boost both overall company morale in addition to individual happiness.

Working remotely or spread across various locations? No worries. Maintaining team spirit and connection using emails or during video calls are all parts of the way to success.

A kudos culture also recognises individual differences and the importance of knowing your employees and how they like to be acknowledged. While some of us prefer a discreet thumbs-up, others might bask in the glow of a more public appreciation.

Research finds that 60–70 percent of people’s self-talk is negative; we are often our own harshest critics. This highlights the importance of championing a culture of recognition. Those moments when an employee excels aren’t just victories for the business; they can be transformative for their confidence. Your timely acknowledgment could be the extra boost they didn’t know they needed.

Building a kudos culture has almost no added cost for your business, but can be critical to your team’s overall success.

A positive workplace enhances motivation and performance, boosts retention rates, and elevates customer satisfaction. Don’t reserve appreciation for the annual performance review; foster a culture where employees can frequently receive feedback and recognise each other’s efforts.

For further insights on performance reviews, see ’Boost Performance Reviews with Peer Feedback‘.


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