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PTEs and training organizations join the wave of organizations using new tech.

By TeamsPlus
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March 27, 2023
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PTEs and training organizations join the wave of organizations using new tech.

As the world of work continues to evolve, the need for ongoing education and professional development has never been greater. Private Training Establishments (PTEs) like Professional IQ College (PTE for financial services) and training organizations are at the forefront of this movement. Many are turning to TeamsPlus to access its streamline tools and intuitive design to make training and education easier for students and at the same time to grow their training business.

The financial services industry is heavily regulated and requires that advisors maintain good knowledge of the industry with a focus on good customer outcomes. This means that soft skills training, CPD and professional development are essential for financial advisors. TeamsPlus understands this and offers a wide range of training options to help financial advisers stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments and regulations.

But TeamsPlus is not just for financial services, it’s a platform that can be used by multiple PTEs and training organizations. This means that all you need is one log-in to access a continuously expanding database of education providers. This makes it easier for PTEs and training organizations to access the training and development resources they need to stay competitive.

One of the key benefits of TeamsPlus is its custom tools that allow PTEs to upload and create courses, tests and assignments filled with detailed content, imagery and videos. This means that PTEs can streamline their content and save time and money by using efficient technology. Additionally, TeamsPlus’s reporting feature allows PTEs to maintain clear oversight of how students are doing. This is perfect for companies who want to ensure that their employees are getting the education and professional development they need to succeed.

If you are a PTE or training organization looking for a solution to streamline your education and professional development with custom tools, and reporting features, then TeamsPlus is the perfect choice. The growing network of organizations and (PTEs) on TeamsPlus indicates this is the ultimate solution for training institutions who want to grow their business and take education seriously.

Don’t hesitate, reach out to TeamsPlus with this link today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your training and development goals.


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