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Rectifying the costly divide in NZ workplaces to boost employee retention

By Dacreed Press Team
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December 18, 2022
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Rectifying the costly divide in NZ workplaces to boost employee retention

A recent NZ Herald article talks about “the costly divide in NZ workplaces” and reveals that 75 percent of businesses are experiencing talent shortages (Skills Consulting Group’s (SCG) Future of Work Report 2022).

According to SCG, employers are missing out on the value that’s already in front of them by not offering training on transferable skills:

“This gap between what employees want and what employers offer needs to be closed…the more satisfied an employee is at work, the more likely they are to stay… Training is one of the key ways an employer can show an employee they are valued.

“To achieve business success, it’s crucial that organisations start offering a robust learning and development programme…to retain employees, maintain productivity and ensure they have future-proofed their organisation.”

Dacreed Group offers continuous learning solutions for people of all levels. Dacreed’s purpose is to pioneer ways to unlock individual potential and fuel organisational growth:

If you take care of the people, continuously developing their skills, all processes start working in harmony. Through dynamic and personalised learning experience, you give people the tools to effect radical change.

This positive feedback loop creates a win-win by giving employers confidence in their workforce and empowering employees to gain transferable skills. Dacreed believes making an investment in the people is an investment in the company, ensuring employees feel valued and lowering staff churn..

If your company could benefit from solving these issues then please don’t hesitate to get in touch - follow this link

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