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Dacreed Pressroom Launch

By Jillian Stewart
Published in News
November 29, 2021
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Dacreed Pressroom Launch

We are excited to announce the launch of the Dacreed Pressroom.

On this site you will find:

  • News - Latest news from recent events along with our product releases
  • Blog - Thoughts and opinions on learning and compliance along with detailed deep dives into our products & features
  • Case Studies - Interviews with clients and industry to hear their stories
  • Whitepapers - Publications on our research and development in the area of continuous learning, risk and compliance and personalised pathways.

Please check back regularly for updates and follow us on LinkedIn.

Dacreed’s purpose is to pioneer ways to unlock individual potential and fuel organisational growth. We believe that if you take care of people, continuously developing their skills, all processes start working in harmony. And that through dynamic and personalised learning experience, you give people the tools to effect radical change.

We are proud to provide continuous learning solutions for people and business in three key ways:

  • Our enterprise learning experience platform (LXP)
  • Our SaaS solution,TeamsPlus
  • Our accredited qualifications provider PTE, LearnPlus

Dacreed has an active innovation programme to research and develop new technology to enhance personalised learning experiences with targeted focus on accessibility, fairness, diversity and equity.

By synchronising AI technology and behavioural science with human aspirations, we empower people to learn new skills and to deliver individual and organisational adaptability and effectiveness.

For more information about Dacreed and our solutions, please visit Dacreed.com, Teamsplus.co.nz, or LearnPlus.co.nz.

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Jillian Stewart

Jillian Stewart


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