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Rethinking Recruitment: Bridging the Gap Between Education and Employment in NZ's Financial Services

By Jade Couper
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October 01, 2023
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Rethinking Recruitment: Bridging the Gap Between Education and Employment in NZ's Financial Services

So you’ve earned that shiny Level 5 certificate. Awesome, right? Well, hold the party poppers. Just because you’ve aced the exams doesn’t mean you’ve got a job waiting for you. This annoying disconnect between learning and earning is something we’ve all got to grapple with in New Zealand’s financial services scene.

The Vicious Cycle: No Job, No Experience

We’ve all heard it: “You need experience to get a job, but how can you get experience without one?” It’s like the career version of a treadmill — lots of sweat but you’re not going anywhere. This cycle doesn’t just frustrate job seekers; it also leaves employers in a pinch, missing out on fresh, ready-to-go talent.

The Game Changer: An All-in-One Approach

What about the old ways of hiring just based on what degree you’ve got? Not cutting it anymore. What we really need is something far more connected — a streamlined route from study to career that’s also tailored to what employers actually need. This is where initiatives like the new recruitment programme from Professional IQ College and Cultivate come in. As PIQ’s COO, Tim Larkin says, they’re “taking the system to the next level by pairing educational milestones with guaranteed job placements.”

The New Approach: Perfect Matchmaking

The genius of this fresh approach is simple: pair students with a financial firm while they’re still studying. This gives them real-world context for their learning and creates a pathway to employment. The partnering firm can guide the student’s education, highlighting specific units or knowledge areas they find crucial within their company. Cultivate, the recruitment agency, acts as the matchmaker, ensuring PIQ students and NZ financial firms are perfectly aligned. This ensures Professional IQ College can deliver precisely the education that the industry needs. No more job-hunting panic for students post-graduation. They can now focus on their studies, knowing there’s a job waiting.

A Two-Way Street of Commitment

Here’s the beauty of this new approach: It’s a two-way commitment. As a candidate, you ace your course, and you’ve got a job lined up. No more stress after graduation. For companies, it’s like having a VIP ticket to a talent show where everyone can actually perform, not just receive a certificate of participation.

Getting Ready for the Future, Today

This isn’t just about solving a short-term obstacle; it’s setting the stage for an industry-wide reboot. And let’s be real, it’s long overdue. PIQ and Cultivate aren’t just filling a gap; they’re reimagining how we prep talent for the whole financial services sector.

We’ve got to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in talent development and recruitment. Professional IQ College and Cultivate are paving the way for a new norm.

If you’re all about future-proofing your team and want to get your hands on the freshest, most qualified talent out there, get in contact withPIQ or Cultivate. Let’s redefine the game, together.


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