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RMA Financial case study

By Jade Couper
Published in Case Studies
September 19, 2023
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RMA Financial case study

“Dacreed’s TeamsPlus was very easy to implement and saves our business significant amounts of time and effort in compliance compared to our old processes. It is also a brilliant platform to create training content and support our members, as well as ensure they are all meeting regulation requirements, with great oversight and accountability at a glance to ensure everyone is delivering the same high standard within our business”

-Melissa Hillary, RMA Financial

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial advisory services, RMA Financial recognised the need to refine its training and compliance operations. Committed to delivering above-the-bar financial advice, RMA Financial tackled these hurdles effectively. RMA Financial turned to Dacreed’s TeamsPlus, a practical solution that revamped its training approach and enhanced operational efficiency through a more organized compliance structure.

RMA Financial’s adoption of TeamsPlus acted as a catalyst, empowering RMA Financial to focus on core goals – achieving excellence and fostering smoother workflows. By consolidating these resources onto one platform, RMA Financial experienced significant time savings and operational efficiency gains. Outdated methods like spreadsheets and manual processes have become a thing of the past, allowing RMA Financial to allocate more time and resources to revenue-generating activities.

Dacreed’s TeamsPlus offers a streamlined approach to course creation and distribution, whether or not CPD is attached. This enhances training and compliance for staff while providing clear reporting to monitor the company’s progress consistently. Another valuable feature is the option to establish company policies on an auto-renewal basis, accompanied by a few comprehension questions and an attestation to confirm staff’s understanding of each policy. This “set and forget” functionality, combined with the platform’s intuitive design, contributes to a seamless process when accessing other features. The platform also encompasses Professional Development Plans, Registers, secure Policy storage with privacy features, Content reviews, and external CPD recording. All these functions converge in an intuitive interface, simplifying RMA Financial’s navigation of training and compliance requirements.

TeamsPlus played a pivotal role in reshaping RMA Financial’s strategies for training and compliance, demonstrating the organization’s dedication to adaptability and competitiveness. This transformation underscores RMA Financial’s commitment to fostering innovation and driving growth in the realm of financial advisory services.


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Jade Couper

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