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Professional development plans are regulatory requirements, Have you documented your plan yet?

By TeamsPlus
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March 06, 2023
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Professional development plans are regulatory requirements, Have you documented your plan yet?

Professional development is essential for financial advisors and financial advice providers (FAPs) to keep up with the ever-changing financial landscape and to provide their clients with the best possible advice. In New Zealand, it has now become a regulatory requirement for financial advisors and FAPs to have a professional development plan in place.

Having a professional development plan not only ensures compliance with regulatory requirements but also helps financial advisors and FAPs stay current with the latest industry developments, improve their skills and knowledge, and ultimately provide better service to their clients.

However, creating and maintaining a professional development plan can be time-consuming and costly, especially when it comes to compliance. This is where Teamsplus comes in. Teamsplus is a digital platform that streamlines the professional development planning process and cuts the costs of compliance.

With Teamsplus, financial advisors and FAPs can easily create, track and maintain their professional development plan in one place. The platform also provides a wide range of professional development resources, including online courses, webinars, and workshops, to help advisors and FAPs meet their regulatory requirements and improve their skills and knowledge.

Moreover, Teamsplus also provides a comprehensive compliance management system that makes it easy for financial advisors and FAPs to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements, saving them time and money.

We invite you to try TeamsPlus for your business and experience the benefits it has to offer,Try the website or connect with this link

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